20 Ways You Know You’re a WaMStA

By Elizabeth C.

You’ve read other lists that try to explain what it’s like to study abroad. But none of them can describe your struggle quite right. Because you my friend, are a wamsta.

1. You find your self giving long complicated answers to questions that would normally be very simple, like, “What school do you go to?”


“It’s called the Joint Degree Programme and its like a study abroad program on steroids….But also kind of not like that at all…”

2. Your wardrobe is a bipolar combination of clothes suited to withstand both the gale-force winds of St Andrews and the swampy summer-heat of Williamsburg.


3. But somehow you still end up spending some serious quality time in the rain.


4. You’re always getting texts/Whatsapps/Snapchats in the middle of the night from friends in other time zones.


5. These messages make you miss your friends from other the school like crazy.tumblr_n37gudihfn1r3z3gbo1_500

6. For this very reason, you hold Skype among the highest and holiest of all technological achievements of the century.


7. But you know that you also have some really awesome friends at your current campus too.


8. Every once and a while you get really frustrated trying to log into something, just to realize you’ve been using the other school username/password.


9. You brag to your W&M friends about never having to take dumb GER requirements.


10. You complain about having to take breadth requirements.


Quantitative reasoning what?

11. You have made sad, angry rants about the exchange rate.


12. You flip back and forth between American/British vocabulary so that your current friends will understand what you’re saying/not make fun of you.


Banter, am I right?

13. Except sometimes you still don’t get it quite right


Note to self, never say ‘fanny pack’ in front of British friends.

14. You have strange cravings for food only sold across the pond


The thirst is real. (Also applicable: Cadbury, Peanut Butter, Chick fil-a, Nandos)

15. After your second year you might have to say goodbye to some fellow Wamstas that have been with you since the start and this is kind of heartbreaking.


16. But now you have one more person to be really excited to see when you go visit your other school!!!!


17. Finding the cheapest transatlantic plane ticket has become a science


18. You’ve had an argument over which day is crazier, Raisin or Blowout.


19. You’re constantly surrounded by outstanding scenic beauty.


20. You’ve actually heard the word ‘Wamsta’ before and you know what it stands for.



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