Election Season is Almost Here!

To WAMSTA kids near and far,

The William & Mary branch of the WAMSTA Student Partnership is excited to announce that we are getting ready to welcome some new members to our team! In a few weeks we will be opening up elections for all positions in the Partnership and we wanted to give you guys a heads up as to what this process is going to look like.  We have a wide range of opportunities available, and you can check out our Position Guide below for more information on any of the specific duties or details of the positions!  Below is a short summary of the election process that will be taking place within the month; we encourage everyone to consider running!

The nomination period will begin in approximately two weeks, and in order to run for a position all interested candidates must submit:

-Your choice of position.

-150 words or less statement on why you believe you should be elected for this position.

-A photo of yourself.

24 hours before the election starts the nomination period will close.  After this all Joint Degree Students – at William & Mary and St Andrews – will receive an email with a link allowing them to vote in the election.  The statement provided by the candidate and their photo will be presented alongside the online ballot so that students on both campuses can make an informed vote.  Once the vote is closed the winners will be notified and officer training will begin. The newly elected board will remain in position until the end of the 2014-2015 school year, at which time the WAMSTA Student Partnership will hold another election.

We have big plans for the WAMSTA Student Partnership. Now we are asking you guys to help us build a motivated team to bring these plans to life and shape the future of the Partnership and the Programme as a whole. We look forward to receiving your application in the near future!


Your WAMSTA Student Partnership Founding Board.

P.S. Also, keep posted for an event we will be hosting with the WAMSTA Peer Advisors so that we can all get together and enjoy some good food!

Position Guide


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