William and Mary/St Andrews Joint Degree Student Partnership Position Guide

The WAMSTA Student Partnership is looking for enthusiastic, responsible, and motivated individuals to create our first board of elected officers!  Below are descriptions for available positions and expectations for persons elected to these roles. There will be two students in each of these positions, with one to fill the role at William & Mary and the other at St Andrews.  Specific duties are further delineated both in the general WAMSTA Student Partnership Constitution, as well as in the by-laws that govern the two branches specifically.


Executive Board



The President is in charge of overseeing operations at their local branch of the WAMSTA partnership.  They are the main liaison for communicating and collaborating with administrators; it is their responsibility to speak on behalf of the Partnership if the need arises. Furthermore, the President is responsible for overseeing the operations of their local chapter as a whole, as well as directing all local meetings.

A good President should possess outstanding organizational, time management and communication skills.  Furthermore, a President should be comfortable speaking in front of large groups and leading a team. The nature of this position requires experience in the Joint Degree Programme; this includes time spent studying at both William & Mary and St Andrews.  Therefore, the President must be entering their 3rd or 4th year of the programme.


International Administrator

The International Administrator’s duties largely concern the internal communications between the two branches of the WAMSTA Student Partnership.  This individual plays a key role in aiding cohesion and unity between the William & Mary and St Andrews campuses.  Therefore, the International Administrator (IA) must possess excellent communication skills, and pay strong attention to detail.

In addition, the IA contributes to core functions of their local chapter by assisting the President with administrative duties. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to taking minutes during meetings, corresponding with school administrators, as well as organizing and executing projects for the Partnership.  The IA must be an entering 3rd or 4th year student in the JDP.


Social Chair

As Social Chair, this individual is responsible for building relationships between students at the campus at which they are located during their tenure. The Social Chair will organize and promote events to help introduce JDP students to one another, and to create and foster a community amongst members of the programme.

A Social Chair is expected to be outgoing, organized, and active in the student body in which they will be serving this position. Because these qualities are not limited to students with a lot of experience in the programme, all years are eligible for this position.



As Treasurer, this detail-oriented individual is in charge of their local campus’ financial operations and will oversee its funding sources and expenditures. The Treasurer is responsible for collecting member dues and recording all expenditures of their local branch.

A Treasurer is expected to have strong maths skills and should be comfortable with financial tools and concepts. Responsibilities could include, but are not limited to: creating and keeping financial records, submitting reports and handling funds.


Non Executive Board


Degree Representatives

There are four Degree Representatives serving at each campus, each advocating for their own discipline in the Joint Degree Programme. The Partnership’s Degree Representatives are responsible for providing support and guidance for students within their discipline, especially regarding the transition from one campus to another. Furthermore, Degree Representatives should aid students in exploring their field of study and building relationships with faculty and staff by organizing events for students in their discipline.


Degree Representatives should be passionate about their field of study, and familiar with the opportunities and resources at their local campus.  Experience at both campuses is needed to be eligible for this position. The Degree Representatives must be entering their 3rd or 4th year of the programme.


External Communications Director

The External Communications Director is the manager of relations with the larger JDP community, including alumni, prospective students and the William & Mary and St Andrews student bodies.  The External Communications Directors at William & Mary and St Andrews work collaboratively to maintain the Partnership’s official website and other social media.


Additionally, the External Communications Director will be in charge of the correspondence with alumni of the Joint Degree Programme.  Events and projects concerning graduated students or former members of the JDP community will be executed by this officer. The individual in this role should be creative, possess strong writing skills, and be comfortable with a variety of forms of social media. Students of all years within the programme may apply to this position.




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