First Year, First Semester Reflections: Peter Myer

September 1st – December 19th. This span of just over 100 days will have been the best semester of my life. Right off the bat, here in Scotland, I’ve met so many people, seen so many beautiful places, learned so many different things, and overall, just had the best time of my life. This post isn’t about what I’ve done. You can pick up a résumé if you want to know that, but this post is about the people that have made my experience so memorable.

Before even arriving at St. Andrews, it just so happened that my mother and I were staying in the same hotel as Blaire, a second year in the program, and her mother. We instantly had something to talk about and connect with, and being a new student, this friendly face was more than comforting. Within the first few days of being here, all of us WaMStas were greeted with a reception and introduced to a group of people that would become good friends. I have loved the close friends I’ve made here so far, but I also know that once I am at William and Mary, I will have a set of students who are going to be with me. For anyone reading this who is currently at William and Mary and nervous about coming to St. Andrews, I wouldn’t be… because this place is amazing. It is a place where just about every face you see is a friendly one. It is a place where you work hard but can still do what you love. It is simply a beautiful place. Don’t forget to take plenty of walks and have as many beach bonfires as possible.

The first semester is nearing an end and although it’s sad that I will just have this next semester here before I make my journey to William and Mary, I’m also very excited to be back in the USA next year.

About the Author: Peter Myer is a first year in the program from Atlanta, Georgia.


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