Pub Quiz! WaMStA Style.

With Joint Program apparel at stake, you know it’ll be a ruthless match between your WaMStAs.  This was the case for the pub quiz held at the Beacon Bar in the St Andrews Student Union.  It was a lovely night of food, friends, and free wine (also OJ and soda!).  Questions were drawn from six categories: William and Mary, St Andrews, Joint Program, Scottish Food, Music / Film / Literature, and the British & American Citizenship Tests.  They included: “Which Presidents attended the College of William and Mary?”; “Name two reformation martyrs killed in St Andrews.”; and “How many diplomas and transcripts do you receive upon graduation?”

Meet the teams:



Ed Quiziband (First, pass the pint)


Monstars (Come on and slam! And welcome to the jam!)




(And faculty that joined for the photo opp.)

The winners were… the WamSTARS!!  Congratulations to this group who will get WaMStA swag.  Good luck to the rest of the JDP students in future pub quizzes.  Time to study up.

Take a moment to meet the lovely Quizmasters who spent countless hours preparing detailed questions, creating the exquisite menu, and planning for the night.


Left to Right: WaMStA Meredith Lerner, WaMStA Arielle Galston, and CSA Officer Bronagh Crosse.

Many thanks to the St Andrews Collaborations & Study Abroad Office and the B.A. International Honors Interns for hosting the event!