An Introduction to the WaMStA Partnership Board: William and Mary 2016-2017


The new academic year has officially begun at both St Andrews and William and Mary. Whether you are at your home or your host institution this year, many opportunities await. The Board has been working closely to ensure the experience of the students in the Joint Degree Program this year. Here’s a warm introduction to the Board members of the William and Mary side.

Executive Board

President – Jackie Deacutis: 


Jackie Deacutis is a 4th year from Sudbury, Massachusetts majoring in international relations and minoring in Economics. At William & Mary she is a peer advisor for the JDP and is a member of Delta Gamma, and at St Andrews was involved in the organization Anza. She enjoys piano, dance, and traveling in her free time.


External Communications Director – Jolie Tran 


Jolie Tran is a sophomore studying International Relations. Jolie was born and raised in Vietnam before she came to the US for high school. She has a passion for the stage and writing. During her summers, Jolie works at non-profit organizations that aim to shorten the bridge between the global education and Vietnamese students, whether that might be promoting study-abroad resources or introducing the liberal arts education to the country.

Social Chair – Conor Scanlon


Coming from the suburbs of New York, Conor is a sophomore who majors in International Relations (and hopes to specialize in African politics). Conor is the social chair for the William & Mary students in the joint degree program. His job is to organize social events throughout the year so that students within the program can build stronger bonds with each other. Apart from his joint degree program duties, Conor’s favorite activities at W&M involve the William & Mary Symphony Orchestra, International Relations Club, intramural sports and eating at Chipotle. Conor is open to serve as a resource to all parents and students regarding the workings of the joint degree program.

Degree Representatives

International Relations – Matthew Ribar


Matthew Ribar is a fourth year IR student in the JDP. He is currently working at a research assistant at the Teaching, Research, and International Policy Project at William & Mary, and has previously been involved with several research projects in the School of IR at St. Andrews. He spent the previous summer working in Melbourne with the Pacific Small Arms Action Group to reduce armed violence across Oceania.

English – Julia Ashley 


My name is Julia! I am a third year who studies English. I am originally from New Jersey. This year, I serve as a Peer Advisor for the Programme. I play squash on the St. Andrews women’s team and will also be joining the recreational team at William and Mary. I also frequently volunteer with Family Promise, a homeless organization, and assist with case management.

History – Georgie Farrington


Georgie is a junior who studies History. She is from High Wycombe, England. During her free time, Georgie enjoys playing, supporting and being involved with Tribe Women’s Rugby. Her fun fact is that she’s met the Queen!





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