HELP, people are talking about internships and I don’t know where to start…

As the time comes around again for students to dig themselves out of their homework hermitage and explore the amazing (and sometimes challenging) world of applying to internships, I thought I’d share the resources available to WaMStA students. 

As students of both institutions, you are allowed to use the resources at both schools, so in theory you have access to double the amount of sources and programs than other students attending a four-year institution.

Handy Dandy Flowchart!

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 8.48.31 AM.png

Here’s a composite list of the resources:

William and Mary:

Tribe Careers page 

You’ll need to use your William and Mary email address for this site. It’s an amazing source to look up internships and employment opportunities across America.

Cohen Careers Center

This one is more useful for the students physically at William and Mary. The Cohen Careers center is located right next door to Sadler and they are extremely helpful: you can book an appointment with them to talk about your future, potential jobs, get some resume help, or attend a networking (**such a scary word, but honestly it’s the best way to get a job) event put on by W&M.


St. Andrews:

Summer Internship Scheme

An opportunity for students to apply to up to three unpaid research internships within the University. This is the easiest internship application you will find – only need a resume and cover letter!

Shadowing Program 

Students can apply to shadow a professional in a field of their interest for a few days. This is a great way for students to explore a new path to see if it’s right for them!

Laidlaw Undergrad Internship Program

In this internship, students can design their own research plan and work with an advisor to do intensive research throughout the summer or, if you wish to do a longer period of research, for an entire year.


Ask a professor to aid in research, especially at William and Mary. Though unpaid, it’s really helpful and you could even co-publish academic work! For more updates about this, check the weekly What’s Happening at W&M and Memos at St. Andrews.


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