The Bachelor of Arts International Honors Joint Degree Program is a partnership between the University of St Andrews (Scotland) and the College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, VA). It offers a truly global undergraduate degree, combining a broad liberal arts education in America with the depth of student St Andrews provides. A student in this program will spend two years at each institution within their total of four years. Upon graduation, a student in the Joint Degree Program (JDP) will be awarded one BA International Honors degree by both universities (with the option of attending one or both graduation ceremonies).

Please see the official St Andrews or William and Mary websites for detailed information on application guidelines, the four majors, and pathways to completing the programme.

The WaMStA Student Partnership is here to work with you in all areas – academic, professional, and social – in order to strengthen and support your experience in the Joint Degree Program.

Check out our pages on St Andrews Traditions, as well as William and Mary Traditions, to see what you should check off your bucket list this year!


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