An academic family of WaMStAs celebrate raisin 2013

The Joint Degree Programme (JDP) between St Andrews and William & Mary gives students the unprecedented opportunity to study at two historically renowned universities. Spending two years at each school, we experience the academic structures, cultures and traditions of two very different countries.

We have established the WaMStA Student Partnership to help maximize opportunities for student engagement in both communities of which we are a part. With active involvement from a very outgoing student body, we hope to overcome the challenges presented by the frequent transition that our programme requires, and to highlight the many benefits which the JDP does offer.

As WaMStAs, we have not only taken the initiative to enhance our own studies through the unique path we have chosen to follow, but are also committed to helping others who will be following in our footsteps for years to come. As part of a relatively new programme, our Partnership is excited to be spearheading student initiatives to facilitate and strengthen all aspects of this programme–from matters as practical as which suitcase best serves a two-year study abroad experience, to subjects more pertinent to our educational experience, such as first-hand advice on courses from students themselves.

Susan Nelson Enjoys a Windy Day at the Pier
Part of the JDP’s first class, Susan Nelson enjoys a windy day at the pier

We intend for all students enrolled in the JDP to become involved in this Partnership, so that we can create a group that is truly representative of our student body and our needs. We also hope to create lasting friendships that will not only serve as a support network for the four years of study, but well beyond that into our professional careers, as well.

So whether you are new to the Programme, or have been with us for a few years already, we hope that you find the information on this blog to be an invaluable resource. All posts are written by students just like you, who know better than anyone else what you are going through now. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to any of our contributors.

Check out the William & Mary Board, as well as the Board at St Andrews!