Executive Board

The Board is composed of students at each university who are dedicating their time and experience to strengthen the foundations of the Joint Degree Programme and to make the WaMStA Student Partnership a helpful and sustainable organization.


President: Mariana Paulino


My name is Mariana Paulino and I’m the president of the WaMStA Student Partnership on the St Andrews side this year! I am currently in my fourth year of university studying Economics. I absolutely love the JDP, as it has given me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, and to experience two very different schools–both academically and socially. If you have any questions, I am always ready to chat!


International Administrator: Grace Amato

19388780_1384631831585464_7607137661606092579_oMy name is Grace Amato and I’m a third year studying International Relations on the ABAB track. I started in St. Andrews my first year and I love the Joint Degree Program because it keeps my college experience interesting and exciting every year. As someone who gets bored easily, the program has been revolutionary in how I view higher education. I’m excited to strengthen the JDP and improve the ties between the two school.


Treasurer: Tye Brown-Wolf


I am a 2nd year in the Joint Degree Program and study economics. I am from Colorado and enjoy skiing, football, and traveling. In the past, I have worked for the Colorado general assembly and various political consulting firms.




Social Chair: Thomas Olmsted


Hey guys! I’m Thomas Olmsted a third year studying IR. As well as being the social chair on the committee, I am a part of the boxing committee and my hall committee. This year I really want to get the first years more involved in the social aspects of the programme.





External Communications Director: Margarita Zvereva

thumbnailI’m Margarita Zvereva and I am a third year studying International Relations. As the External Communications Director, I will be the one reaching out to you via social media, whether it be through our Facebook pages or our Instagram. In my free time, I can probably be found on a run near the Botanic Gardens (which has a great butterfly house that’s worth the hike), in the library, or catching up with old and new friends alike.


Degree Representatives

These positions are elected in the Spring.  The representatives from the 2018-2019 Academic Year will continue until the Spring of 2019 at which point new representatives will be elected.  These are:

History: Jacob Manvell


I’m Jacob, and I’m the History Degree Representative. I am a third year focusing in Medieval History, specifically the early British Isles. St Andrews has so much history to offer, so head over to the Cathedral Museum or the Museum of the University of St Andrews for access to fascinating historical artifacts. Or, come to my office hours, and bring along any questions you might have—not only about St Andrews, but also about student life and academics.


Economics: Lincoln Hartnett


I’m Lincoln and I’m a third year Economics student. As a piece of non-academic advice for people new to St Andrews, time not spent studying and socializing here is well spent walking. The beaches are always great if you find yourself with a free 30 minutes and, on an adventurous day, check out the Fife Coastal Path.


International Relations: Meg Miller


My name is Meg Miller and I am the International Relations Degree Representative for the St Andrews side this year! I am a fourth year IR major, concentrating in security studies and political psychology with an Economics minor. I cannot imagine my time at university without the experiences of the JDP and the people I have met over these four years. My favorite memory of William and Mary is being a PIPS fellow last year, and my favorite part of St Andrews is playing with the football team here.



English: Cameron Bray


Hi, I’m Cameron and I’m your English degree rep at St Andrews. As a third-year student studying English with a minor in History, I have a particular interest in John Milton and the British Romantic poets. Outside of class, I’m involved in Catholic Society and Celtic Society, and I work as conference and banqueting server at the Fairmont. I also write short stories and poems — although, I’m extremely unprolific — and I run. Come talk to me if you need friendship or advice. I can make anyone laugh about pretty much anything, and I’ve been known to say a wise thing or two once in a while.