Meet the Board: St Andrews

Executive Board

The Board is composed of students at each university who are dedicating their time and experience to strengthen the foundations of the Joint Degree Programme and to make the WaMStA Student Partnership a helpful and sustainable organization.

President: Georgie Farrington


My name is Georgie Farrington and I’m the president of the WaMStA student partnership on the St Andrews side! I’m currently in my fourth year studying history and mentally preparing for the real world. Asides from the joint degree programme, at both William and Mary and St. Andrews I have been a part of the women’s rugby team as well as judo at St. Andrews. When I’m not at sports practice you can usually finding me eating, sleeping or reading endless articles and books for my degree.


International Administrator: Caroline Stepniak


Hi, my name is Caroline and I’m currently in my third year studying history at St. Andrews. On the board, I’m the International Administrator on this side of the pond which means that I correspond with faculty and students across both schools to solve issues and generally help out wherever needed! You can find me interning at the St. Andrews Archives or involved in the Charities Society, McIntosh Hall Committee, and the Christmas Ball. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me!


Treasurer: Conor Scanlon


I am a 3rd year at St. Andrews, doing ABAB (started at St. Andrews, will graduate at William & Mary.) I study International Relations with a focus on both rebuilding African states post-conflict, as well as how weapons technologies impact international diplomacy. I extend my interest in studies to my internship in Edinburgh with the U.S. State Dept. in which help coordinate U.S. policy both Scotland and the UK. I am musically active at both universities, participating in the chamber orchestra in St. Andrews, and the symphony orchestra at William & Mary. I have also been a member of a band at W&M that has performed at numerous student musician showcases.  For the student partnership, I served as the social chair this past year at W&M, and am currently serving as the Treasurer at St. Andrews. During my free time, I like to brush up on my knowledge of state-conflict and rebuilding periods, as well as traveling around the world.


Social Chair: Max Harold Glover


Hi! My name is Max. I’m your social chair on the St Andrews. I’m 20 and I have a basketball game tomorrow.


External Communications Director: Anee Nguyen

Hey there Tribe and Saints! I’m Anee and I am the external communications director at St Andrews. I am a third year English student who either has her head in some Romantic poetry or is eating Janetta’s ice cream and guzzling chais. While in Scotland I work with the Alma Mater Productions as their semi-foreign special events team member and I also blog for William & Mary. I love Amazon Prime and representing the Tribe abroad! Also there’s no headshot of me because I took all of them and didn’t even think tot take one of myself!


Degree Representatives

These positions are elected in the Spring.  The representatives from the 2016-2017 Academic Year will continue until the Spring of 2017 at which point new representatives will be elected.  These are:

History: Charlotte Engel

Charlotte headshot

My name is Charlotte Engel, I am the History Rep for this year, and a current third-year history student at St Andrews following the ABAB route. I am on the fencing team at both universities, involved in the Catholic Society in St Andrews, and a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority at William & Mary. I am originally from Connecticut and my favorite tv show is Outlander. When I’m not studying in the library, you can either find me on Castle Sands in St Andrews, or at Aromas in Williamsburg.

Economics: Annie Petrino


Hi my name is Annie Petrino and I am a 3rd year studying economics and the Econ Representative for the Student Partnership.  Around campus, I am involved in the Investment Society and Playfair Consultancy Group.  On the weekends, I enjoy walking the Fife coastal trail and traveling.  Next week, for reading week, I am going to Amsterdam!

International Relations: Emilie

Emilie Headshot

Hi guys! I’m Emilie, your IR degree rep at St Andrews. I’m from Munich, originally French, am in love with sailing (pretty much all water sports though) and recently joined European Horizons at St Andrews. Come see me if you want to talk about politics, the news or sports!

English: Jenny Samios

Jenny Headshot

Hi! My name is Jenny, and I am your English degree rep on the St Andrews side. I’m a third year studying English, who is particularly interested in creative writing. Around St Andrews, I am McIntosh Hall’s charity rep and desperately in search of the perfect temperature latte.



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