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The William & Mary and St Andrews Student Partnership

Ratified on: November 14, 2014

Last Amended on: April 21, 2019


We the members of the William & Mary and University of St Andrews Student Partnership establish this Constitution to govern the matters within our organization as a whole. Individuals chapters must also attend to the policies put forth by their own by-laws.

Article I:  Name

The name of this organization will be known as the William & Mary and St. Andrews Student Partnership, or otherwise as the WAMSTA Student Partnership, consisting of two chapters existing respectively at William & Mary and St Andrews.

Article II:  Purpose

Section 1.      To provide an academic and professional support network that connects BA International Honours students at the College of William & Mary and the University of St Andrews, and to support the general aims of the Joint Degree Programme as a whole.

Article III:  Membership

Section 1.      Membership Eligibility

  • Voting membership is open to all those who are enrolled as Joint Degree students at either William & Mary or St Andrews.   
  • General or non-voting membership of the organization is to be open to currently enrolled W&M, and/or St Andrews students and faculty/staff of either institution. Therefore, general membership is open to all students at either institution.
  • Individuals without official affiliation with W&M or St. Andrews are not eligible for membership.

Section 2.      In the case that a student previously enrolled in the Joint Degree Programme resigns and un-enrolls in the Programme, their voting membership status will be revoked.

Section 3.      Membership in this organization will not be restricted on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, gender or age.

Article V:  Officers

Section 1.      Nature of Positions

  • All positions will have an equivalent at both partnering institutions
  • Different individual officers will occupy the same position within their respective chapter.
  • Officers of the same position have parallel responsibilities and obligations on their respective campus.
  • No one person is allowed to hold more than one position within the Executive Board

Section 2.      Executive Board

  • The position of President will entail the following responsibilities and eligibility requirements:
    • Be an entering 3rd or 4th year student, and a voting member.
    • Serve as an administrative liaison for the membership body; President should establish a relationship with school administrators and speak on behalf of the membership body when necessary.
    • Streamline collaboration between the two WaMStA Student Partnership Executive Boards.
    • Open, close, and direct all regular and officer meetings.
    • Facilitate communication among the home executive board, especially in the case of disputes or disciplinary action as according to WaMSta Student Partnership by-laws.
  • The position of International Administrator will entail the following responsibilities and eligibility requirements:
    • Be a 3rd or 4th year student, and a voting member.
    • Assist President with administrative duties.
    • Take attendance at meetings, as well as record and distribute meeting proceedings to membership body at local campus, and to the International Administrator at the parallel institution.
    • If President is accused of failing to meet standard of office, International Administrator will lead disciplinary action against them, according to WAMSTA Student Partnership By-laws.
  • The position of Social Chair will entail the following responsibilities and eligibility requirements:
    • Be a voting member.
    • Organize and coordinate materials for social events throughout the year, such as those outlined in the by-laws.
    • Collaborate and promote Programme-wide events.
  • The position of Treasurer will entail the following responsibilities and eligibility requirements:
    • Be a voting member.
    • Handle funds and budgetary records.
    • Publish balance sheets to present to the Executive Board mid-semester, and at the end of every semester.
  • The position of External Communications Director will entail the following responsibilities and eligibility requirements:
    • Be a voting member.
    • Establish and maintain online networking presence.
    • Collaborate with the External Communication officer at the parallel institution.
    • Administrate and maintain the official WAMSTA Student Partnership
    • Starting the 2015 – 2016 academic year, this officer is responsible for communicating and networking with graduated members of the Joint Degree Programme in the interest of current students.
  • There will be four Degree Representative positions, one for each of the disciplines of the Joint Degree Programme (Economics, English, History and International Relations). The position of Major Representative will entail the following responsibilities and eligibility requirements:
    • Be an entering 3rd or 4th year student, and a voting member.
    • Provide academic, social, and professional guidance and support to students of their academic discipline.
    • Contribute at least one post to the official WAMSTA website per semester.
    • If an officer fails to meet the responsibilities of their office they can be removed by disciplinary action, as delineated by the WAMSTA Student Partnership By-laws.
  • The position of First Year Representative will entail the following responsibilities and eligibility requirements:
    • Be a first year, and voting member
    • Must attend regular Partnership meetings
    • Promote JDP cohesion and help better integrate first years
    • Aid in brainstorming social events and ideas to promote cohort identity
    • Act as a liaison between the first year cohort and the Executive Board
    • Election process will be facilitated by the Elections Committee during the second academic week of fall semester, at each respective School
      • Students running for this position must submit a hearshot and a 100 word or less statement of why they should be elected for this position

Article VI:  Elections or selection of new officers

Section 1.      Voter and Candidate Eligibility

  • Regular election proceedings will take place before the commencement of Spring Holiday at the University of St Andrews every year starting in the 2014-2015 academic year.
  • All voting members can vote for candidates running for all positions regardless of the school that the voter attends/will be attending, or the school that the candidate attends/will be attending.
  • Potential candidates are only eligible for positions at the school which they will be attending during their term of office.
  • An individual JDP student can only hold one position on Executive Committee .
    • Due to the nature of our elections, this means no one person is allowed to run for more than one position simultaneously in any election cycle.
    • In the case where a person is not elected for a position in the first round of elections and the Partnership must hold special elections, this individual can run in the second round of elections if they are eligible for the position.

Section 2.      Election Procedure

  • The Election process will be facilitated by an Election Committee consisting of the outgoing President, International Administrator and External Communications Director.
  • Outgoing President will be in charge of disseminating election links to students
  • Outgoing IA will be in charge of coordinating the election processes with the parallel institution
  • Outgoing External Communications Director will be in charge of spreading awareness and  information about election procedures and times.
  • Any voting member can nominate themselves for a position which they are eligible for under the constitution.
    • Members seeking election must submit their name,  a 100 word or less statement of why they should be elected for the position, and a picture of themselves.
    • Nomination will open 2 weeks before the start of elections, and will close 24 hours before the start of elections.
    • External Communications Director will submit these materials to the website for viewing.
  • Election responses will be collected via an online protected survey site, in a 48 hour period.
  • At the immediate conclusion of the 48 hours, respective Election Committee will convene.
    • At this time the results of the election will be confirmed by the Election Committee in the form of a signed print out of the final numbers.  This copy will be saved by the President in the case of a later dispute.
    • The Presidents will then send a joint notification of the winners to the constituents.
    • External Communications Director will then publish the results on the website/social media.
  • All votes will be decided by a simple majority. If there is a tie between two candidates in an election, a new vote will take place between the relevant candidates.
  • Elected candidates will assume their new positions at the end of the St Andrews academic calendar.
  • If a position cannot be filled in the election process, the Executive Board can open nominations for write-in candidates in order to fill the positions available after the conclusion of a regular election. Members not currently elected for office are eligible to run.

Section 3.      Vacancies and Disciplinary Action

  • If at a point in time an officer is no longer able to fulfill their duties of office either due to disciplinary action or voluntary leave, a new election will take place for that position.
  • Officers that fail to meet standards of office can be removed by disciplinary action as according to procedure outlined in that chapter’s by-laws.
  • Any officer can request an investigation for disciplinary action.

Article VII:  Meetings

Section 1.

  • Dates and time of chapter and officer meetings will be decided by the Executive boards of the respective chapters at the beginning of the academic year.  

Article VIII:  Finances

Section 1.      Dues

  • The establishment and collection of dues will be delineated in the respective By-laws of the different chapters.   

Article IX:  Ratification

  •       There must be at least fifty votes, with at least twenty-five votes from each school, on this Constitution before it may officially be enacted.
  •       Votes will be elected electronically.
  •       The official Constitution of the WAMSTA Student Partnership was ratified on 14th November 2014

Article X:  Amendments

Section 1.     

  • In order to change the Constitution, an amendment may be proposed by any member of the WaMStA Student Partnership, in written form.
  • A Special Meeting must then take place to discuss the proposed amendment, and a vote must take place within a month after the amendment has been proposed
  • The amendment may be passed with a ⅔ majority vote amongst voting members
  • For the amendment to be ratified, the elected officers of the parallel school must also vote to pass the amendment by a ⅔ majority vote.

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